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"The world's best selling sex guide ever" [The Guardian]

The Number One Sex & Relationship Infotainment brand

The Lovers' Guide is the number one international brand on sex and relationships. Over ten years it has established itself as the world's best ever selling adult guide. "Sexy, sensual, moral and responsible" is how one national newspaper very accurately summed up its approach. In combining compelling frankness and openness with reliability and authoritativeness - it is unique.

The Lovers' Guide has been a phenomenon since it's first release in 1991. The first Lovers' Guide programme sold 1.3 million copies on video in the UK alone and the series has sold in the millions around the world. LG products have so far expanded to seven further videos, eight DVDs, a book, an encyclopaedia, two CD-ROMs and cassettes and CDs of the soundtracks. It has also been shown on encrypted television. These have been produced, distributed and/or retailed with major blue-chip partners around the world - such as W.H. Smith, Woolworths, Carlton, Bloomsbury, Warners and Universal.

The Lovers' Guide aims to meet the need for greater education and reliable accessible information, delivered confidentially, instantly and interactively for all age ranges, cultures and territories. It will do this through the existing channels of publishing, print, CDs, videos, DVDs, and then through the biggest dedicated website on the internet, via digital television and mobile phone technology.


LTV001 The Lovers' Guide 63min
Presented by Dr Andrew Stanway. The original guide to better sex and improving relationships. Contents: Arousal; overcoming shyness, sensual massage; exploring and pleasuring one another; fantasy; making love; sex positions; apres sex; sexual problems; STDs; contraception; sex aids; keeping sex alive. 1991

LTV002 The Lovers' Guide: Making Sex Even Better 60min
Presented by Dr Andrew Stanway. Explores more deeply a range of sexual techniques to enrich viewers' love lives. Contents: Sex, desire & communication; erotic times together; prolonging foreplay; advanced foreplay; intensifying intercourse; creative lovemaking positions; sex beyond the bedroom; sex games; first nights; safer sex; banishing boredom. 1992

LTV003 & 4 The Lovers' Guide: Better Orgasms 90min
Presented by Dr Andrew Stanway. The definitive guide to obtaining and intensifying orgasms. Contents: For Her - What is an orgasm?; Learning to have an orgasm; improving orgasms; getting your partner's help; better & multiple orgasms. For Him - the sex urge, orgasms & puberty; greater control; increased intensity; getting your partner's help. For Both - Orgasmic control; simultaneous orgasms; instant orgasms; orgasms & fantasy; orgasms & sex toys; tantric sex. [Available split into 2 x 53min programmes] 1993

LTV005 The Essential Lovers' Guide 77min
Consultant Dr Andrew Stanway. A compelling compilation. It includes sections on keeping relationships alive and sexy; increasing the length and intensity of male and female orgasms; being more adventurous and dealing with a new relationship. 1996

LTV006 The Lovers' Guide: Secrets of Sensational Sex 67min
Presented by Dr Sarah Brewer. Reveals a wealth of sexual techniques and sensual skills to take both partners to new heights of passion and intimacy.Contents: Erotic communication; talking sexily; sex toys for him and her; exercises for better sex; sensual massage; sex outside the bedroom; masturbation; oral sex; fetishes; aphrodisiacs. 1999

LTV007The Lovers' Guide: What Women Really Want 51min
Presented by Dr Sarah Humphery. This is the definitive guide to female attitudes to relationships and sex - guiding women, and their men, on sexual techniques that enhance a woman's pleasure. Sections include - what women want in life, from their bodies, from sex, from their lover, from their relationship. 2002

LTV008 The Making Of The Lovers' Guide 48min
A fascinating documentary exploring the history of the Lovers' Guide and based on a behind-the-scenes view of the making of "What Women Really Want". [Lifetime for Channel 5 U.K. - Int. Rights TVF] 2002

LTV009 The Lovers' Guide: Sexual Positions 55min
Introduced by Dr Dawn Harper. A wealth of ideas to expand lovemaking are contained in a programme that offers over 60 positions for lovers to try. Sections include: oral, man on top, woman on top, side-by-side, from behind, sitting, standing and advanced positions. 2003

LTV010 Interview With The Lovers' Guide Creator 15min
An interview with the creator of The Lovers' Guide programmes, Robert Page, who also produced the whole series and directed four of the programmes, and which includes out-takes from "The Lovers' Guide: Sex Positions". 2003

LTV011 The Lovers' Guide: SexPlay 56min
Introduced by Dr Dawn Harper. SexPlay is the new foreplay - encouraging men to spend longer in love play before intercourse. It covers kissing, masturbation techniques, oral sex, massage, stripping and sex toys. 2004



The Lovers' Guide (Lifetime/Eddison Sadd Editions. Pub: Pan Macmillan etc) 128pp
Consultant Dr Andrew Stanway. Based on the best-selling Lovers' Guide video, it has sold over 200,000 copies. It shows young couples how to take the first steps towards sexual intimacy with loving care and confidence and more experienced partners how to revive and improve their lovemaking techniques. 1992

The Lovers' Guide Encyclopaedia (Bloomsbury) 256pp
Edited by Doreen Massey. A definitive guide to all aspects of sexuality and relationships. Sections include: sexual facts, feelings and behaviour, sexual outlook, sex and culture and a dictionary of sexual terms. 1996

The Lovers' Guide: What Women Really Want (Carlton Books) 128pp
Written by Marcelle D'Argy Smith (ex Editor of Cosmopolitan). Loosely based on the video, this book is about the new empowerment of women in the early 21st century and encourages the continuing development of their sexuality. 2002


The Lovers' Guide: Understanding and Exploring the Art of Lovemaking (Marshall-Cavendish) 85 x 28 pp
A full colour weekly guide to the art of lovemaking that built into a whole compendium of the subject. This partwork explored all aspects of sex and relationships including, creative lovemaking, shedding inhibitions, psychology, sex in society, cults, sexual problems etc. 1993/4

The New Lovers' Guide (Express Newspapers)
A full-colour weekly supplement magazine, edited by Emily Dubberley, published as a supplement to the Sunday Star.


The Interactive Lovers' Guide (Waddingtons)
An early foray into making sex interactive. Lots of information coupled with games and quizzes that sort to explore a new approach to understanding sexuality. 1993

The Lovers' Guide Interactive CD-Rom (YITM - Yorkshire TV/Thompson)
An interactive and explicit guide to sex and relationships with over 40 mins of live-action video and over 400 colour imageslife. It allows users to access a guide to a more varied and exciting sex life; to discover their own sexual profile and create a personalised programme for happiness; to consult an advice line on intimate concerns and problems; and provides a comprehensive database of sex and sexual practices. 1996


Various soundtrack recordings have been released by Pickwick. An audio book of the Lovers' Guide is currently in development.

Games - iTV:

A range of games have been devised for interactive television. The first with Static (Playjam Channel - Sky) in 2001 was the most commercially successful game they had launched. Deals also with Two-Way Tv.

Games - Board:

Fun in Bed (Double G Communications Ltd)
A playful relationship designed for partners to play together.


  • Sex Tips and Sex Positions sent out daily as SMS messages.
  • Video streaming to mobiles is being developed.
  • A highly successful service has been running with Channel 4 for over a year. Other deals are in place with Sonera/Zed (UK & Finland) and Buongiorno-Vitaminic (U.K and Italy).

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